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About Me


Humanistic counselling & psychotherapy

in Brighton & Hove & Online

About Me


Hi I’m Tamsin. I have been working as a counsellor for the past 12 years.  I trained at the University of Brighton and then worked in various agencies and schools in the city before setting up my private practice.  From 2016 - 2021 I lived and worked in New York.  I’ve really enjoyed working with clients from a different cultural background and have had the opportunity to appreciate the unique issues that come with living in America.


We are currently in a moment where we are emerging from one of the most, stressful, traumatic, challenging times we have collectively experienced.  It has been difficult, even impossible to get the help we need.  Now we are able to see each other again, taking care of our mental health needs to be on the top of our list.  Processing the effects the last few years has had on our families, jobs and relationships is important so we can move forward and begin to rebuild.


Whilst I predominately use the person centred approach, I will draw on other techniques, such as CBT, mindfulness and focusing, if that is appropriate.  I believe it is important to address all elements of ourselves, body, mind and sprit, to help address the issues and feelings that have become intrusive and unhelpful.  Therapeutic change can only occur when the relationship with the client and therapist is trusting and transparent which is why it is so important for our relationship to be at the centre of the work we do.

I generally recommend a minimum of 6 weeks of counselling and regularly work with clients for months and even years.  I offer a free 20/30 minute online introduction so we are able to see if we feel able to work together successfully.


I offer online video calls as well as phone counselling and face to face sessions.  We can discuss which works best for you.

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