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I specialise working with depression, anxiety and low self esteem

Specialist Counselling



Depression is a common condition that will affect one in three people at some time in their life. It is a complicated illness with many different symptoms and causes.

Changes in eating habits, sleeping patterns and overwhelming feelings of despair are often the first signs of depression. The earlier help is sought, the better.

Many sufferers become emotionally detached from those around them and withdraw into a world of their own. This can alienate friends and relatives, increasing the sense of isolation.

Common signs of depression can include:

  • Changes in sleeping patterns; broken nights or over-sleeping

  • Changes in eating patterns: loss of appetite or overeating

  • Overwhelming feelings of guilt and worthlessness

  • Tiredness and loss of energy

  • Headaches, stomach upsets or chronic pain

  • Persistent thoughts of death or suicide

For many people depression follows a loss; the death of a loved one, redundancy, divorce or illness, or it can follow a period of stress. Grief and sadness are natural responses to such loss but depression is an illness and has major differences which can be difficult to spot.


Counselling can help you to understand depression and its triggers. It allows you the space and time to explore how you feel and how best you can manage the condition.


A quarter of the population will suffer from anxiety at some time in their lives and whilst it is normal and healthy to feel sad or worried about life and its pressures, when worry dominates everyday life you may be suffering from anxiety.


For many people anxiety is a fear with no subject, just an overwhelming disabling worry which dominates their life. It often becomes more powerful and the sufferer becomes anxious about being anxious. Behaviour is dominated by the anxiety and can lead the individual to withdraw from social contact. This can affect their partner, family, friends and colleagues.


Common signs of anxiety can include:


  • Changes in appetite

  • Lack of sleep

  • Loss of energy

  • Loss of concentration

  • Headaches and dizziness

  • Physical pain and loss of control including shaking and sweating


Anxiety is a problem which feeds on itself and is often covered up and dealt with in isolation. Help should be sought as soon as possible. Counselling may help you to face your fears and rebuild self-esteem. Sometimes understanding where an anxiety originated can help realise a new perspective.


Counselling can help you confront fears, manage and understand panic attacks, define and override your most common anxieties and understand your own limits and triggers for anxiety and stress

Low Self Esteem

Low self esteem is quite common in today's society and can lead to feeling depressed and thinking negatively about yourself and your right to happiness. Most people experience low self esteem at some point in their life.


Common signs of low self-esteem include:


  • Feeling tired much of the time

  • Having little motivation to get things done

  • Being bored with life

  • Thinking negatively about your abilities and possible opportunities

  • Sensing you are a failure or feeling hopeless and depressed


Therapy or counselling can often help those suffering from low self-esteem to develop a more positive sense of self to ensure a more fulfilling life

Continuing Professional Development

I am passionate and fascinated with the human condition so I regularly partake in further training courses which has given me the opportunity to gain specialist knowledge in certain topics.  I have attended  courses covering the following topics: eating disorders, trauma, working with children, Transactional Analysis (TA), sand tray, art therapy, sexuality and counselling, spirituality and counselling.


I will also continue to attend courses that will target specific client issues in order to expand my knowledge and improve my understanding.


Feel free to ask if you would like further details.